Grand Forks North Dakota


New location, new camera to try out. Well not really a new camera. This photo was shot with a Rolleiflex 3.5f, an old 1960 TLR film camera. I’ve been looking forward into shooting with this beautiful camera. The film I used is an Ilford HP5 plus black and white 120 film.

Shot with Rolleiflex 3.5f by Aran Modesto.

Mushroom Lights

Mushroom Lights

Mushroom Light

Doha, Qatar (2015)

As usual another photo taken at the Souq. This time it’s inside the labyrinth of shops. Found this shop that sells mushroom lights (obviously for Christmas). I thought it was good forefront for my subject. Also a good lighting to the people walking by or in this case 2 kids with their dad.

Shot with Fuji X100T by Aran Modesto.


Bracelet Maker

Ali Bacelet Maker

Doha, Qatar (2015)

Like I said on my previous posts, I love going to the Souq for my street photography. This time I approached it, street portrait style. I asked Ali if I can take a picture of him, he smiled and said, “of course!” Then after I took his picture he said, jokingly, “5 Riyals for the picture please.. hehe..” He shook my hand and said, “tell your friends about my shop.”

Shot with Fujifilm X100T by Aran Modesto.